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Installation Guide

Thank you very much for your purchase! Installing your one or two car garage door cover is easy, but best accomplished by two people. Install time is about 10-15 minutes. Check out our video below!

Step 1: Positioning & Fitment
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Begin opening your garage door but stop when the top of the door is just starting to pull away from the door frame. Unplug your garage door opener, and ensure the door is securely held open.

Helpful Hint: Most electric garage door openers have a feature to stop the garage door anywhere along the track. Simply press the door button twice and the door should stop. Ensure your door is securely held open!

From the front of the door, have an assistant unzip and help lift and pass a top corner of the cover behind the top corner of the door. Using a step ladder, reach around the door and wrap the corner of the cover around the top corner of the garage door.

Step 2: Zipper Attachment

Your cover is equipped with four reinforced collars at each corner. Carefully wrap the top collars of the cover around the top corners of the garage door and top wheel assembly.

Attach zipper side A and zipper side A between the side of the garage door and track. Do the same on the opposite top corner. Be prepared to stretch the cover when attaching the final top zipper.

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Warning: Do not wrap the cover around the track or lift cable! The collar should only be wrapping around the door panel and top wheel assembly.

Step 3: Zipper Adjustment

Some covers come equipped with a muti-position zipper. This tab contains three zipper side B attachment points. We recommend you begin by attempting to install your cover using the middle zipper location. If your cover is too tight, or too loose, try an alternative position that yields the best results for your door.

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FYI: Be sure to not place too much strain on the first few teeth of the zipper. While closing each collar make sure you, or your assistant are bearing the brunt of the tension until the zipper is fully closed.

Step 4: Layout

With the top collars installed, the easiest way to layout your cover is to close your garage and allow the cover to fall and hang loosely.

With someone helping you, reopen the garage door while lightly pulling down on the bottom edge to ensure the cover is not pinched by the closing seems between each door panel. This will smooth out your cover and allow you to more easily attach the bottom zippers.

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Lookout! As you close your garage door for the first time, double check the cover for any snags or binding issues.

Step 5: Bottom Zipper Attachment

With the garage fully open, carefully wrap the bottom collars of the cover around the bottom corners of the garage door and bottom wheel assemblies. Attach zipper side C and zipper side D between the side of the garage door and track. You’re done! Thank you for your purchase!

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FYI: Our covers are designed to fit tightly. Make sure your door is fully open and you do not wrap the lift cable when zipping up the last collar.

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